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I first found the Quick Cut Sanders at the NACE 2005 show in Las Vegas.  I got a set of sanders as soon as possible and have used them on everything I color sand. It brings me the best finish possible as well as saving time and paper. The Quick Cut  Indasa paper is the best and the most long lasting paper I have ever used.  ~ Tex


Killer Paint  /  Mike Lavallee

Killer Paint, Inc., Is the leading edge in the custom automotive industry.  The innovated True FireŽ effect that Mike has created has revolutionized the ever changing industry.  This effect is so hot it has swept the nation in top shows such as; Monster Garage, Overhaulin', Miami Ink to name a few.


Rich Evans Design  /  Rich Evans

Founder of Huntington Beach Bodyworks, Evans will tell you, "collision work pays the bills, customizing and modifying vehicles is what we live for.  Quick Cut Sanders saves us about 70% of our time to be more creative in artwork and customizing.  When you consider how busy we are, this means a lot"!


Malone's Custom Motorcycle Painting

Where ever I go people (including professional painters) come up to me and ask, "how did you get that finish"?  I look at them and say, "Quick Cut Sanders". One thing for sure, the time saved is unbelievable!   I don't know what   I would do without them now that I have them.  I really do love my Quick Cut Sanders.                     ~Malone Schwartz


Kelly & Son Crazy Painters

I have been using Quick Cut Sanders for about 3 years now.  I can actually save 2 or three days per trailer,  plus it only takes me two people color sanding a project instead of four! Achieving a flat show finish. Quick Cut Sanding systems eliminates the hard labor. Almost making color sanding fun. ~ Mitch Kelly





Quick Cut Sanders is a Registered Patented Trade Mark 

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